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Meet Mrs. Greta L. Cobb-CEO

Please allow me to introduce myself - Greta Cobb, founder, and CEO of Lover's Laine Lifestyle Magazine. I am the proud wife of a handsome and loving husband of 28 years, mother of 3 incredible young men, grandmother of an awesome grandson, and grandmother of a beautiful
granddaughter. While shuffling our daily routines, our children and grandchildren play a significant part. After a busy work week, we enjoy traveling, date nights, and good family fun times. I forgot to
mention; we love eating great seafood!

A Note From The Editor
While working with my husband/photographer and a wedding planner, a vision came to life. In June of 2018, Lover's Laine Lifestyle Magazine was born. Founded through a vision, based on love and established with faith.
The magazine is designed to encourage true love, one couple at a time. We believe two people joined together in holy matrimony is a love story that never ends.

About The Magazine
Lover’s Laine Lifestyle Magazine is a magazine designed to celebrate married couples and the love they share with each other.

In each editorial, couples will elaborate on their marriage barriers, along with their actions to overcome those barriers. They also share their love stories. Each pair focuses on how they've overcome trust issues, lack of communication, and other obstacles. Some stories are tear-
jerkers, and some are just plain comedy!


Please do not consider these articles as advice but as inspiration.

We hope you find the stories encouraging and share them with others as we attempt to encourage true love, one couple at a time!

Live, love and laugh!
Greta Cobb, Editor in Chief



While initially constructing this magazine, I wasn’t sure which approach to take;  I knew more attention needed to be brought to married couples.   Marital destruction can cause family destruction as well.

Our Hope

Our hope/vision is to encourage at least one man or woman, son or daughter, to continue loving, and keep the faith no matter the situation.


We've designed this magazine to encourage continued love.  In our issues, couples will elaborate on their marital challenges as well as love stories


Please note that these articles in our issues are not intended for advice, but are inspirational only.

Recovering from COVID-19

In 2020, our business shut down due to covid-19, but this didn't stop us.  The shutdown allowed our family to become closer to God and each other and focus on ourselves individually.  It has also allowed us to concentrate on making the world a better place through our magazine. 


We hope you find this issue helpful and share it with others as we attempt to encourage continued love, one couple and one family at a time!


Now abide faith, hope and love, these three but the greatest of these is love -  1 Corinthians 13:13

Greta L. Cobb-Founder/CEO

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