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  • What kind of magazine is this?
    It is an inspirational magazine designed to celebrate married couples and the love they share with each other.
  • Who can be in the magazine?
    The magazine is designed for couples that are either dating, engaged, getting married, or married.
  • How can my partner and I be featured in the magazine?
    Complete the couples submission form on the website and you will receive a callback within 24 hours. Completing the form does not guarantee placement in the magazine.
  • How often do you publish?
    We publish bi-monthly.
  • How many couples are chosen per issue?
    Up to 3 couples are chosen per issue.
  • How do couples get chosen for the cover?
    Each release there is a theme, the couple that best fits the theme for the upcoming issue will be chosen.
  • How do we find out the theme for the month?
    We will post the theme and you will need to send us photos and a short story stating why you want to be featured in the magazine.
  • Do you choose couples from other states to be featured?
    Currently we are only choosing couples that reside in the United States.
  • How much does it cost for couples to be featured in the magazine?
    There is no cost for couples to be featured.
  • How much does it cost for vendors to purchase an advertisement?
    We value our vendors as partners. So, please contact us to discuss partnering with us!
  • Is there an age qualification?
    All parties must be 18 or older.
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